Saturday, September 20, 2014

Texas 4-H State Photography Contest - Senior Aged 4-H Members

2015 rules and guidelines have been posted. Travis County can send one photo per category (15 categories). Seniors who wish to participate will need to submit photos for a qualifying judging in the spring. Deadline to be determined. 

Theme:  The theme is "Inspiration". This year the theme will focus on pictures of subjects that move and inspire YOU.  Photos can include photos of leaders, mentors, family, friends, things in your community, school, church, or across the country and world.  Examples include images of family members, a leader/teacher or someone that you look up to, something in nature, or things that give you daily inspiration.

Changes:  Due to past issues with photographs not be sized or formatted correctly, the contest now has a size criteria.  All photos must be 8x10 in size. Photos should be at least 800 pixels by 1000 pixels. The ideal 8×10 quality is 2400 pixels by 3000 pixels, which is the same as an 8×10 photo at 300 dpi (resolution). Higher variations of the 8×10 ratio are allowed but the final file size may not be larger than 2,048k (2MB).  County Extension Agents are encouraged to work with volunteers and project leaders to stress the importance of instructing 4-H members on this basic photography skill.

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