Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey T-Shirt Fundraiser

Orders are due in the Travis County Extension office by Monday, September 18 (so that we can have our combined order to the District office by Sep. 21).  Proceeds from the purchase of the shirts will be sent to the Texas 4-H office to go into the hurricane relief fund that has been set up. All the monies raised through the Texas 4-H Hurricane Relief Campaign will go directly back to club and county 4-H Programs in the hurricane affected counties.  The funds can be used by the 4-H programs to support the identified rebuilding needs of their community and 4-H program. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fall Heifer Validation Information

We will be accepting Fall validation orders for heifer until Monday, September 18.  Persons wishing to validate their heifers will need to bring their original heifer papers (in color) to the Extension office.  We will scan the documents and return them to you.  All heifers must be in the youth's name.

Additionally, please be advised that there has been a fee increase for heifer validation.  The total fee is now $15.00 per heifer.

This validation will be good for all of the Spring major livestock shows.

Colorado County Fair Open Sheep and Goat Show CANCELLED!


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

4-H Gives - Relief Support for 4-H Programs affected by Hurricane Harvey

REMINDER - Heart of Texas Livestock Show

We will be hitting the Submit button for entries to the Heart of Texas Livestock Show in Waco on Friday, September 1.  This is a reminder to have all livestock show, contest and shooting sports entries and fees to us by 2:00 PM on that day. 

You may find the Entry form on the Travis 4-H website by clicking here.

Lampasas 4-H Rabbit Show

Monday, August 28, 2017

How to Help People Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

We have had several people and 4-H Clubs let us know that they would like to help out with some of the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.  Below are some ways that you can help out!

You can always help out by collecting and donating goods or money to local shelters or those located in the areas that were hit hardest by the Hurricane.  Usually non-perishable donations such as those listed below are helpful donations to the shelters:

  • Small travel toiletry kits for men/women – shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, combs
  • Toilet paper (unscented in small/large quantities)
  • Pads and tampons – all varieties
  • First Aid Items - Band-Aids, ointments, medicated wipes, ace bandages, pain relievers, anti-diarrheals, etc.
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Donations to the Texas Diaper Bank or directly to the shelters for adults, people with special needs, and small children/infants is also helpful since diapers are not usually covered or provided through disaster relief organizations
  • Gift cards - prepaid visas, HEB, Randall's, etc.

Donations are also being accepted through Red Cross, NOLA, local food banks, and Salvation Army to be utilized in all areas.  There are options to donate money or goods to these organizations, and Red Cross is accepting blood/tissue donations, as well as the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. 

The Austin Animal Services (AAS) and Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) are assisting with housing displaced strays and pets.  The AAS is helping provide supplies to people who have companion animals with them at the shelters in some cases.  These organizations could always use cat/dog food, cat litter & litter boxes, crates of all sizes, towels, and kong-type toys and treats donated to them.  APA! Has created a specific page for their needs to help with the displaced animals:

We do not currently need donations for large animals; however, if producers would like to donate feed, hay, or other items to be transported to areas along the coast, please have them contact Mellanie at or at 405-808-5407.  These supplies can be logged as resources for the state of Texas to be utilized in the affected areas at some point.

Another option is for 4-H Clubs to gather funds to donate directly to 4-H Clubs and Councils in areas affected by the hurricane.  This will allow 4-H'ers in those areas to purchase supplies needed for local support efforts or to distribute pre-paid gift cards to families in need.  If you are interested in this, please designate someone from your Club to contact our 4-H Agent, Mellanie Mickelson, at to assist with reaching out to Extension Agents in those counties.  Please keep in mind that she is coordinating the needs of the Livestock Animal Shelter at the Travis County Expo center and she will respond as soon as she is able.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Travis County Emergency Response has activate us as a Livestock Shelter

With the hurricane hitting the coastline today, we have officially activated our Livestock Shelter for those displaced by the hurricane.  We are able to house about 200 animals total at the moment and are located out at the Travis County Expo Center.  If you know of anyone who needs shelter for their animals, please direct them to us.  Please note that we can provide a safe space for them, but they will still need to care for their animals while they are here.  

If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact Mellanie at 405-808-5407.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hurricane Harvey - Preparations and Response

Hi all,

We wanted to let you know that with Harvey affecting so many of our neighboring counties and with Travis County being in a zone that could still potentially get up to 7 inches of precipitation, we are coordinating with the Travis County Emergency Response services to ensure that we can respond effectively if we are activated in the near future in support of our county, neighboring counties, and/or those displaced from the Texas Coast.  This does mean that we might not be able to respond to your 4-H related questions in a timely manner for a few days.

If you would like to stay informed through alerts or prepare your family and pets for natural disasters, below are some helpful links to get you started:

Thank you for your understanding!  Please have a happy and safe weekend!!

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One Day 4-H T-Shirt Order

2018 4-H Food Show Theme

The theme for the 2018 Food Show is “Fresh from the Farm”.  This theme will allow participants the opportunity to explore many aspects of fresh foods, physical activity, and the value of locally grown foods.  Another aspect to consider is the simpler life of the farm and the importance of family and working together.  In addition, 4-H members can discuss the growing season their dish is associated with:  late spring and early summer, high summer, and early fall.  As well as, discussing where the ingredients for their dish were grown, especially if purchased from a local producer or farmers market or possibly harvested from their own garden. 

Complete rules and guidelines for Food Show and other 4-H contests will be released late September.

Sam Keach Jr. Memorial Prospect Show

Atascosa County Fair Prospect Show

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Central Texas State Fair

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Tentative Schedule and Updates

Here are some 2018 San Angelo Livestock Show & Rodeo Updates:
Premium book will be posted by September 15 at

 Reference of Judges and Fees (Dates might not match current schedule below):

Most recent TENTATIVE Schedule Posted as of 8/22/17:

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Tentative Schedule & Updates

Here are some 2018 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Updates:

Major Changes:

  • The show has let us know that additional Premiums will go out in September
  • Grounds admission prices are increasing this year - Season passes are now $35 and Adult Day Admission is now $15 per person
  • The show is increasing the number of lamb and goat Auction Sale lots - Goats are adding 12 lots (1 per class) and lambs are being readjusted based on the sale percentages per breed (Adding a third class of Dorpers which will create 6 new sale lots for this new class)
  • Turkey Toms will be shown in 2018; the top 50 hens and top 50 toms will be placed and sold in auction
  • The Ag Mechanics show has a new supervisor, so expect some big changes - there is also a Technical School Scholarship available for graduating seniors ( two-year scholarship for a total of $9000; the show will award 5)

Notes from the Show:

  • The show is adjusting their bedding issues between the heifers and the steers this year, so the schedule is being adjusted to accommodate that by moving up the time heifers have to be out on Sunday to give crews the time needed to clean and refresh stalls
  • Parking - the show has stated that the red lot is not getting any bigger, please bare with them, they recommend parking in the lot across from 610 and taking the shuttle in

Junior Market Show Changes:
  • The show is stalling by Club/Chapter this year!
  • The standards of the lamb carcass contest are being reviewed, please expect some updates
  • The Junior Market Barrow Show has increased the weigh back by 5 pounds per wave
    • Wave 1: Market barrows weighing 20 lbs less than the minimum or more than 20 lbs above the official weight will be disqualified
    • Wave 2: Market barrows weighing 15 lbs less than the minimum or more than 15 lbs above their official weight will be disqualified
  • Junior Market Steer Show - Exhibitors will declare how they want to classify steers for Red, Black, or Other Cross Breeds (Steers classified out of the Red or Black Cross divisions will be classified as Other Cross)

Junior Breeding Shows:
  • Junior Breeding Gilts - Gilts are going to be given pen assignments at 288 similar to barrows and we will be using the back dock and east wash rack to speed up move-in
  • Junior Breeding Heifers - **Release times are being adjusted - Cattle will start being released at noon on Friday, March 9, as soon as the breed has finished showing.  Beefmaster, Limousin, and Polled Herefords will not be released until 2 pm on Saturday March 10, because of how late the finish.  
**These release time adjustments are meant to help with trailer traffic and helping to keep the barrows cool.  Heifers will be released after barrows move in.  

Junior Commercial Steers

  • September 1st - Online Intent form Opens
  • September 30th - Cattle must be purchased
  • October 10th - deadline to enter online Letter of Intent and Postmark deadline for Original Scale Tickets to the show Offices

Contest Updates:

  • New Contest for 2018: Ranching and Wildlife Video Contest; hosted the first week of the show, more info TBA
  • Ag Science Fair & Ag Public Speaking - topic category and title of speech will NOT be required during online entry.  This will be entered during the manuscript upload in January

Calf Scramble Progress Show 

  • October 27-28 at Humble Civic Center (Free to attend)
  • Open to all current exhibitors in the Calf Scramble Program
  • Heifers shown by division; Steers shown by weight


San Antonio Livestock Show Tentative Schedule & Updates

Here are some updates for the 2018 San Antonio Livestock Show:

To view the 2018 Summer Updates with schedule, livestock show, and tentative contest information published by the San Antonio Livestock Show click here

Breeding Show Ownership Deadlines:

  • October 1, 2017 - Breeding sheep and boer breeding goat (must be Validated through breeding sheep/goat validation by October 31)
  • October 31, 2017 - Wether dams and wether does (must be Validated through breeding sheep/goat validation by October 31)
  • November 1, 2017 - Breeding beef heifers (Must complete ALL phases of heifer validation through the Texas 4-H & FFA Breeding Heifer Validation Program before November 1)
  • December 1, 2017 - Breeding swine

Livestock Show Changes/Updates (see premium book & Summer updates for more details on these items)

  • Junior Crossbred Gilt Show & Sale - 1 entry per exhibitor, Judge TBD, 
  • Junior Dairy Cattle - Other registered breeds (ORB) division will be added to the Junior & Open Dairy Cattle Show which will be held in conjunction with each other this year
  • Junior Market Lambs - The Champion Medium Wool will be selected from three weight divisions (5 classes per division)
  • Junior Market Poultry - There will be a Junior Turkey Tom Show judged by Keither Scott
  • Junior Shoot Out (at the National Shooting Complex) - ENTRY DEADLINE has been moved to DECEMBER 1, 2018 to match all other entry deadlines

Judging Contest Updates:
  • Junior Ag Mechanics - there are new divisions published for 2018
  • Agriculture Public Speaking Contest and Agriculture Science Fair have revised categories published for 2018
  • There is also a new Floriculture Contest that has been added this year.  

The official team registration forms for the judging contests will be available a in January 2018.  These will be used for team designations during the check-in process of the contests.  You must submit an entry form, not a team registration form, for the contest by the entry deadline this fall in order to compete.


Rodeo Austin Tentative Schedule & Updates

Here are some updates for 2018 Rodeo Austin:

There are going to be some NEW Junior Livestock Shows!
  • Breeding heifers - maximum of 2 entries
  • Junior market steers are adding an AOB Red division to their show
  • Junior market lambs are adding 2 Dorper classes to their show
  • Junior market turkey show is bringing back the Turkey Tom division
  • Junior market barrows are adding weight divisions (light weight, medium weight, heavy weight)  to the Crossbred Division and only Division Champions will compete in the Crossbred Champion Drive

Animal Health Declaration Forms were implemented in 2016 and will continue - these should be posted around October 1, 2017 and need to be submitted by exhibitors at the Howdy Check-In Trailer at the show.

Ultimate Scramble Championship
  • There are 160 spots available, there is a $30 entry fee
  • Champion will take home the grand prize of $5000
  • Spots are first-come, first-serve and only a CEA/AST can reserve the student spot
  • Spots and entries open up October 1, 2017
  • Purchase certificates can be used for any of the following livestock projects: market steer, market lamb, market goat, market barrow, breeding heifer, boer goat.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Reminders for the week of August 14-18, 2017

A couple helpful reminders for events and deadlines coming up this week:
  • Thursday, August 17, is our County Achievement Banquet to support our 4-H'ers and their accomplishments this year
  • Friday, August 18, is the deadline for turning in the following items with payment:
    • Major Lamb and Goat validation tag orders (any lamb or goat that was validated for State Fair will need to be RE-validated)
    • State Fair of Texas entries

Monday, August 14, 2017

2016-2017 Banquet T-Shirt Update

With our Achievement Banquet coming up so quickly, we wanted to provide an update on t-shirts for this year.  The 2016-2017 County Council was not able to finalize their design for the year and has made the decision to pass it on to the incoming 2017-2018 County Council.  This means that we will not have t-shirts at the banquet this year.  We will share information about shirts as soon as the design is completed!

Archer County 4-H 3-D & Field Archery Tournament

For rules and registration form, please click here.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

PBR @ Frank Erwin Center

The world’s premier bull riding organization, PBR (Professional Bull Riders) began as a dream of 20 bull riders 24 years ago and is now a global sports phenomenon. On its elite Built Ford Tough Series, the PBR features the Top 35 bull riders in the world and the top bulls in the business. The PBR’s 2017 Built Ford Tough Series will make its first ever stop in Austin for the Wrangler’s Long Live Cowboys Classic presented by Frontier Communications on Saturday, Sept. 16 and Sunday, Sept. 17.

Travis County 4-H SAVES $10 on tickets!* To purchase tickets, call (512) 232-4343 or email Deadline to order is Friday, Sept. 15 at 3 p.m. For more information about this and other Frank Erwin Center Events, please visit us at
*Discount excludes $20 and $300 Elite seats. No double discounts. Offer is subject to availability. Facility fee and convenience charges may apply. All information is subject to change.

Clarendon College Judging Contest

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Team

The Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Team applications are now open through 4-H Connect.  The information can be found at:

The deadline to apply will be September 13, 2017.  Individual 4-Hers that apply must have a letter of recommendation from their CEA OR their District 4-H specialist.  Applicants must ask the agent or specialist ahead of time.  

The Texas Team is chosen in October to represent our state at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championships to be held in Grand Island Nebraska in June 2018.  There will be 9 discipline teams chosen: Air Pistol, Air Rifle, Smallbore Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, Compound Archery, Recurve Archery, Muzzleloading, Shotgun, and Hunting Skills. 

25th Annual Mission River Classic Steer & Heifer Show

State Record-book Judging Results

The State event included 282 entries in 29 categories. Congratulations to each 4-H member for advancing to the state level.  Travis County youth, with their placing and category, are as follows:

William Whitaker     2nd Place     Food & Nutrition
Erica Masi     2nd Place     Personal Development
Caitlin McCauslin     5th Place     Public Speaking

All books are in transit back to the State 4-H Office where they will be sorted and returned to each District for distribution back to County offices and eventually to the 4-H members. Please be patient with the process.