Friday, October 30, 2015

High School Aerospace Scholars

NASA seeks high school juniors interested in space and science! The High School Aerospace Scholars application is now open at:
High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) is a NASA unique opportunity for juniors who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at no cost to participants. Selected students will participate in an interactive, online course during the school year that culminates in an all-expense-paid trip to NASA's Johnson Space Center in the summer. During the online course, students will investigate space exploration challenges by creating technical drawings, solving math problems, and participating in discussion forums with NASA engineers and scientists. Texas teachers guide students through the online curriculum and grade their work. Students with the highest scores are invited to Johnson Space Center in Houston for six days where they will work with NASA mentors to complete engineering design challenges and plan a mission to Mars. Students will be briefed on the past, present, and future of space exploration by NASA engineers, scientists, and special guests while touring NASA's facilities.
For more information and application deadlines, please visit the HAS website at: You can also learn more about the program by viewing "High School Aerospace Scholars: A Journey of Discovery" video at

Scholarship Webinar - November 5th

Travis County 4-H Food Challenge - November 4th

If you have a team for the Travis County 4-H Food Challenge, your team needs to be registered by the November 2nd deadline.

The following link has additional information as well as the registration link:

Annual Holiday Classic - November 7th - 8th

2016 Teen Retreat - January 8-10, 2016

For more information:

Registration Link:

Seguin Swine Breeders Prospect Show - December 6th

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spring Contests Survey Inquiry

Below is a link to a survey to gather information on youth interested in participating in various spring contests in 2016.

Recordbook Informational- December 6th

Whether you are new to the 4-H program of just new to completing a 4-H Recordbook, and would like to learn more, an informational will be held on Sunday, December 6th at 3:00 pm.  This will be conducted via online and the login information is listed below. Click on the blue font "Click here"

For more information on recordbooks, click here and scroll down to the heading "state events"

Link to Meeting:  Click Here
Meeting Number: 498 731 472
Password: travis

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nutrition Quiz Bowl

Travis County 4-H has some youth interested in competing in the Nutrition Quiz Bowl Contest that will be held in February 2016.

Below is some information on this event. This is a knowledge based contest, and a great opportunity to form team dynamics.

Juniors - 3rd - 5th graders (this age division can move up to compete as intermeidates if not enough team members
Intermediates - 6th - 8th graders - may not move up to compete
Seniors - 9th - 12th graders  - may not move down to compete

A Quiz Bowl helps 4-H members enhance and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a competitive setting. The Quiz Bowl involves teams of three or four members. Two teams compete against each other at one time, answering questions related to the subject matter with the use of an electronic buzzer system.  Click here for more information and resources available for the Nutrition Quiz Bowl.

If interested, please contact Cory at 

Travis County Youth Show Announcements

TCYS Program:
For the show this year, we will have a program where parents, alumni clubs business, etc can buy space. Multiple space sizes are available and at an affordable price. For more information, please visit our website.

TCYS Program Design Contest:
To go along with our program, we are asking the 4-H/FFA kids to design our cover! All 4H and FFA youth have the opportunity to participate in the contest to design the cover of the 2016 TCYS Program Book.  Designs are due by, December 4, 2015. This is a free contest for the kids to participate. Click here for more information:

2016 Sponsorship forms are now posted on the website. Belt buckle sponsorships are available for as low as $250/each. If you have any suggestions for new sponsors or would be interested in sponsoring our show as a club/chapter, please fill out the attached form and send into the TCYS office to the attention of the Sponsorship Committee. For more information, click here:

December Meeting/No Hassle Chili Cook-off:
At our December membership meeting we will introduce our Queens Court and Junior Superintendents. We will also get the completion going with a club/member chili cook-off. Each club will be able to enter multiple entries. With these entries, you will receive 2 tickets to attend the meeting. A small group of judges will be selected and remain anonymous until after the event. Entries are due by Friday, November 13, 2015. For more information, click here:

Coastal Bend Classic - December 4-5

Monday, October 19, 2015

Travis County 4-H Food Challenge - November 4th

Travis County 4-H Food Show - Thursday, October 22, 2015

If  you plan to enter the Travis County 4-H Food Show on this Thursday, you need to be registered for the contest by tomorrow. Registration link can be found below on our 4-H Website.

If your kid(s) plan to enter the Travis County Food Show, the information is posted on our 4-H website at

There is a registration link to indicate who is coming, the category and age division. We are not accepting paper registration forms, everyone will need to register on the link ASAP so they will know how many to prepare for.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

4-H Recordbooks -2015-2016

Texas 4-H Natural Resources Project Updates

Posted: 16 Oct 2015 04:05 PM PDT
Registration is open for the 4-H Outdoor Education Coach Training set for November 21-22 at the Texas 4-H Center in Brownwood.  This training and certification is available to any enrolled adult leader (21 years of age or older) desiring to coach 4-H youth in projects where live firing is conducted. This training and certification is designed specifically for projects including Hunting & Wildlife and Outdoor Challenge. This certification does not allow the adult to coach local Shooting Sports projects. The training is also available for enrolled adults 18-20 to become Assistant Coaches. All training participants will also receive the Texas Hunter Education Instructor Certification. In addition, the training will cover wildlife management basics, wildlife identification basics, wildlife biologist skills basics, game laws and ethics, various hunting and outdoor living skills, camping safety, boating safety, and other outdoor safety basics.  Registration is available on 4-H Connect;  More details can be found on the training flyer.
Posted: 16 Oct 2015 03:56 PM PDT
Registration is open for the 4-H Muzzleloading Coach Training set for November 21-22 at the Texas 4-H Center in Brownwood.  This training and certification is available to any enrolled adult leader (21 years of age or older). The training is also available for enrolled adults 18-20 and enrolled youth 14-18 to become Assistant Coaches. The training will cover all firearm types used in a 4-H
Shooting Sports Muzzleloading project; rifles, shotguns, and pistols.  Registration is available on 4-H Connect;  More details can be found on the training flyer.
Posted: 16 Oct 2015 09:23 AM PDT
Registration is open for the Practice Contest of the 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Project (WHEP) to be held in Sinton on November 14, 2015.  The Practice Contest is designed to provide hands-on training for youth participants and adult coaches in this wildlife competition where youth evaluate habitat for various wildlife species, design a wildlife habitat management plan, and test their knowledge in wildlife identification and information.  This is the chance to train as a team and as a coach.  Questions will be answered as we go through the contest.  The Practice Contest will follow the WHEP Manual posted on the 4-H Wildlife webpage at this url address.  For more details, see the information under 'Practice WHEP Contests' and 'Sinton' on the same 4-H Wildlife webpage.