Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Long-term Dog Boarding/Behavior Assistance Needed

I live in Austin, TX and recently (May) rescued 2 white GSD/Husky mix litter mates from a kill shelter in Irving.  They are female and very bonded.  They have been fully vetted, spay and microchipped (they tested heartworm + but are on medication).  They are very intelligent, curious, loving dogs ... and at just over a year old, they are high energy. The down side is they have terrible separation anxiety & jump when excited. They are shy around people when first meeting, but warm up (I fear the shelter time was a difficult experience for them).

I have two other dogs that have been with me for 5 years and having a total of 4 dogs has become far more than i can manage. 

I am looking for long-term boarding and behavior assistance.  I would happily bring them to A&M, or another locale if it is at all a possibility. I will happily supply all vet info & contacts.

If interested in helping out, contact person below:

Kristina Schlegel

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