Thursday, February 11, 2016

San Antonio Livestock Show Updates

Let’s Rodeo, San Antonio!

We look forward to hosting you, our Livestock Show exhibitors, during the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.  During your time here you will have many opportunities to interact with other exhibitors, volunteers, sponsors, and the general public.  Many of these people will be interested in learning about your animals and showing livestock.

Although you’re always an ambassador for the livestock industry, this is especially true at a major stock show with well over 1 million visitors.  The care you demonstrate for your animals and your mindful approach to working with your animals may be the only exposure those visitors ever have to livestock animals.  Whenever possible, please take the time to educate visitors on proper animal care, the value and lessons of exhibiting livestock, and the importance of agriculture in today’s world. 

Ag Calfe’ Study Area

Have homework that you need to get done during the show? Check out the new Ag Calfe’ Study Area! The Ag Calfe’ is designed to be a relatively quiet place for students to work on school work while they are at the show. Located on the second floor of the Cattle Barn, the study area will include access to free wi-fi and will be open from 2-5 p.m. the following dates:
Thursday, February 11th
Saturday, February 13th
Thursday, February 18th
Monday, February 22nd
Wednesday, February 24th
Thursday, February 25th

Online Viewing of Shows

Keep up with all the action in the ring by tuning in to our online web broadcast. Walton Webcasting will be our broadcast partner for the 2016 shows. Click here for a direct link to all shows that can be viewed over the internet via computer or smart phone.

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