Friday, February 26, 2016

Horse Validation Information - due May 1st

As a reminder, horse validation via 4-H Connect is required for horses shown at the District and State 4-H Horse Shows.  Horses must be owned and validated by the 4-H member, their parents, grandparents, legal guardian, or sibling by May 1st of each year.  A horse that has been validated before must be re-validated (and paid) each year, if it is to be shown.  The validation of multiple horses is encouraged, so the 4-H member has options, in case of an unforeseen accident, injury, or death of one of the horses.

Horse Validation Dates
March 1 – April 15 - $10/horse
April 16 – May 1 - $20/horse

May 1st is the absolute deadline for validation of horses.

Instructions for families and county offices can be found at the following link: Click here for link. Please review and distribute to families in the 4-H Horse Project.  We will also have them posted to our website soon, along with other State 4-H Horse Show information. 

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