Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wildlife Habitat Education Project Practice Contests

Posted: 24 Oct 2014 02:50 PM PDT
The Wildlife Habitat Education Project, also known as 4-H WHEP, is a study in wildlife biology, ecology, and habitat management.  The curriculum doubles as the study guide for 4-H WHEP contests held in various locations around the state and around the calendar.  This curriculum, the 4-H WHEP Manual, is available on the 4-H Wildlife webpage ( under the title 'Wildlife Habitat Education Project' in 6 separate pdf files.  Each file basically makes up a chapter of the manual.  As a curriculum, it provides education from a basic to advanced wildlife study depending on the depth a group would like to go.  Other resources would be necessary to provide a complete wildlife and habitat management study if the goal is in that direction.

As a contest resource, any 4-H WHEP contest around the state uses the manual as a study guide and a contest format.  The only portion that is not used for state level contests is the contest rules printed in the Manual, which are written for the National WHEP Invitational.  Separate Rules and Procedures are written for each contest within the state and posted with each contest's information.  A set of Generic Rules and Procedures are available on the webpage for use in getting to know the material and the contest in general. 

Practice Contests are held during the year to help prepare county teams and leaders for upcoming contests.  These practice contests are modified to accommodate a one day format.  The practice contests also differ in that official answers to the contest activities are provided verbally following each activity along with discussion and question answering providing a learning atmosphere.  Another difference is that adults are encouraged and expected to actively participate in the practice contest to better understand the contestant's point of view and to learn alongside of their youth.

Two Practice Contests are on the calendar at this time:
   December 13, 2014 in Dallas (registration opens October 25th)
    January 10, 2015 in Richmond (Fort Bend County)

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