Thursday, February 28, 2013

Texas 4-H Roundup

The annual Texas 4-H Roundup Event will take place in College Station this year the week of June 10-14, 2013. There are opportunities for intermediate and senior aged 4-H members.

Intermediate youth may participate in Non-Qualifying Contests
  • 4K For 4-H Walk and Run
  • Invitational Livestock Judging Contest and Workshop
  • Healthy Lifestyles Invitational and Workshop, 
  • Wildlife Challenge, 
  • Discover Scientific Method: Science, Engineering, & Technology Poster Competition
  • Invitational Poultry Judging Contest,
  •  Invitational Meats Judging and Identification Contest, 
  • Invitational Swine Quiz Bowl,
  • Swine Skill-a-thon, Ag Products Identification Contest
  • Vet Science Skill-A-Thon
Senior aged 4-H members are eligible for the above mentioned contests as well as the remaining qualifying distinct contests:
  • Fashion Show
  • Roundup: Public Speaking; Educational Presentations; Share The Fun
  • Livestock Judging
Check out the roundup website for more information or contact Cory

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