Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Earn Money For Your 4-H Program

The Texas 4-H Foundation is pleased to announce they will host during the 2013 Texas 4-H Roundup the "I Support the Clover"  Silent Auction.  The Trustees coordinated this effort during the 2010 and 2011 4-H Roundup but last year held the "Rodeo Extravaganza Raffle" instead.  This year they have opted to bring back the auction.  The Foundation Trustees would like provide an opportunity for county 4-H programs to earn funds from this event, as well this year. 
The Top 10 items donated by County 4-H Programs receiving the highest bid amounts, as compared to the other county donated items, will be awarded as follows:
…of the items selling price
First Place 100%
Second Place 75%
Third through Six Place 50%
Sixth through Tenth Place 25%
Visit the Foundation's website at http://texas4hfoundation.org/silentauction/ to download the item donation form.  Please complete the form and submit it along with any additional supporting materials for the items your county plans to donate(ie. brochure from hunt, specs from electronic items, etc).  This information will be used to prepare the website page which will be developed to promote the items prior to Roundup.   Notify the Foundation office by Friday, April 5th with the information regarding the donated item(s), photo of the item(s), etc.  All items need to be shipped to the Foundation office in College Station by Friday, May 24th.  If you chose to bring the item(s) to Roundup, note that the Foundation plans to open the Auction Tables on Monday during the Scholarship Assembly.  The sooner your item goes on display the more time for bidding.

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