Friday, February 15, 2013

College Access and Affordability Opportunity

 The TG (Texas Guaranteed) Council for Student Financial Success is an advisory group to TG (the student loan guarantee agency in Texas) in the areas of student borrowing and financial literacy.  Each year the Pre College Success group within TG, along with The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, conducts a series of College Access and Affordability Telethons in partnership with television stations throughout Texas.  Each telethon is held in conjunction with a television station in a major Texas market that uses their newscasts to promote going to college and encourage viewers to call the hotline for help and answers to their financial aid and other college access questions.  TG staffs their hotline those days with staff and trained volunteers who provide information and referral to callers about funds that are available for college, how and when to submit a financial aid application, and resources available to help complete the application.  Every year callers are turned away because the demand exceeds the number of volunteers answering the phones.  They have asked for help in recruiting volunteers to ‘man’ the phones during these important telethons!

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity and you would like to volunteer to answer phones (OR you have VOLUNTEERS who might be interested!) during one of this year’s telethons, sign up at College Access and Affordability Telethons.  

This opportunity is open to adult volunteers and youth who are 14 years of age and older.

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