Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Texas 4-H Record Book Guide

The Texas 4-H Record Book Family Guide has been updated to clarify some discrepancies found as our record book season is upon us and families and agents are reviewing the materials more closely. The 2018-2019 Record Book Family Guide was originally released state wide August 31st.  

The overall content of the Record Book Family Guide did not change, we have just made some updates to clarify some areas that were unclear related to inputting data for the junior age division in respect to the number of previous years. Also, in April we were notified that there was an error in the Record book report forms  in regards to the number of pages allowed for Seniors in Section IV - Other 4-H Projects. What was indicated in the Family Guide & PowerPoint presentation did not match the information on the actual form.

The record book forms were updated on the Texas 4-H website to reflect that correction in April.
Senior Section IV - Other 4-H Projects
Maximum page limit: Junior & Intermediate - 1 page; Senior – 2 pages.  Updated 4/10/2019

Please make sure you are using the updated Family Guide which has 5/1/2019 Updates related to clarification are highlighted in yellow on the front cover.


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