Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2019 Houston Livestock Show Schedule Updates

In an effort to continually improve upon the quality of our show presentation and experience for exhibitors, we are proposing a few schedule changes for the 2019 Show. The main reason for the changes is to better move ins and move outs for our junior shows. To make this happen, we are switching the days of the lamb/goat and poultry auctions, moving the time frame of the lamb/goat shows and the breeding heifer show up one day and moving the poultry show back one day. The new dates for each show are as follows:

Junior Market Lamb & Goat Show
March 5 - March 8
Move-in: Tuesday, March 5th
Show: Wednesday, March 6th - Thursday, March 7th
Auction: Friday, March 8th

Junior Breeding Beef Heifers
March 6 - March 9
Move-in: Wednesday, March 6th
Show: Thursday, March 7th - Saturday, March 9th
Scramble: Scramble heifer move-in on March 5th following lamb/goat move-in & show on March 6th during junior heifer move-in

Junior Market Poultry Show
March 7 - March 9
Broiler Move-in/Show: Thursday, March 7th
Turkey Move-in/Show: Friday, March 8th
Champion Drive: Friday, March 8th
Auction: Saturday, March 9th
(note: Poultry judging contest will take place on Wednesday, March 6th)

No significant changes were made to the other junior shows, the dates for these shows are as follows:

Junior Gilt Show
February 28 - March 1
Move-in: Thursday, February 28
Show: Friday, March 1

Junior Breeding Sheep Show
March 2 - March 4 Move-in: Saturday, March 2
Show: Monday, March 4

Junior Market Barrow Show
March 9 - March 15
Wave 1 Move-in: Saturday, March 9
Wave 1 Show: Sunday, March 10 - Monday, March 11
Wave 2 Move-in: Tuesday, March 12
Wave 2 Show: Wednesday, March 13 - Thursday, March 14
Auction: Friday, March 15

Junior Market Steer Show
March 11 - March 16
Move-in: Monday, March 11
Classify: Tuesday, March 12
Show: Wednesday, March 13 - Friday, March 15
Auction: Saturday, March 16
Scramble: Scramble steers move-in on March 11th & show on March 12th

Junior Dairy Heifer Show
March 15 - March 17
Move-in: Friday, March 15
Show: Sunday

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