Friday, November 17, 2017

2017-2018 TTV GEAR Robotics Registration

GEAR Robotics Participation Registration is Now Open!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 TTU GEAR Robotics tournament season. We have an exciting season ahead of us. Dr. Karp is back from South Africa and we are delighted to have her back at the helm. Exciting additions have been made this season to help accommodate your scheduling and travel needs. This year, in addition to tournament sites being held at Texas Tech University and Midland, there will be an additional tournament site hosted by Frenship ISD in Wolfforth, Texas. We also offer a Virtual GEAR competition, in case you don’t want to travel at all or have teams that cannot make any of the tournament dates. To find out more about Virtual GEAR, please check out our website:

To participate in GEAR 2018, you must register your teams at  Registration closes December 22, 2017. Through this registration you inform us that you will be participating in GEAR this year and indicate which tournament site you will be attending. You may select only one. (In addition, you may register 2 Virtual GEAR teams on the Virtual GEAR website mentioned above). The information you provide will help us plan this year’s activities and make preparations. THIS IS NOT YOUR GAME DAY REGISTRATION. The Game Day registration will be sent out at a later time.

Site Locations:
You may select the site that best accommodates your travel and scheduling needs, but each site will have limited registration space available. We strongly recommend that you choose the tournament site closest to you.
  • The Texas Tech University site will be limited to 100 elementary and 100 middle school teams
  • Midland will limit registration to 100 teams total
  • Frenship ISD will accommodate 50 teams total
Each team must have a minimum of 3 students per team. A school/robotics program can participate with a maximum of 8 teams. We need the estimated number of participating teams for planning purpose only. You will have to confirm the exact number of teams participating in game day later.
Trial Run and Game Day Tournament Site Dates:
Trial Run Date
Game Day Date
Texas Tech University
March 3, 2018
April 7, 2018
Midland ISD, Midland
March 3, 2018
April 14, 2018
Frenship ISD, Wolfforth
March 24, 2018
April 14, 2018

TTU will be hosting a joint kickoff event for all participants on the TTU campus on February 10, 2018. Winning teams from all three locations will qualify for playoffs at TTU in Lubbock.

This year’s challenge teaser:

For more information about GEAR Robotics go to .

Keep in mind that this is NOT a 4-H sponsored event, so they will follow the general GEAR rules found here:  (at the time of this posting, their website was down, so check back).  The new game rules are typically released in mid-February.

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