Monday, April 3, 2017

Would you like to host a Japanese youth this summer?

Texas 4-H will again partner with Texas Global Education and Cultural Exchange to offer families the opportunity to host a Japanese youth for four weeks this summer. The youth, ages 11-15, are enrolled in either the LABO or LEX programs in their country. 

To host, the family should have a child/youth of the same gender and similar age. There are not statewide activities, it is a truly immersive experience. The Host Family provides a bed and three meals a day, treating the Japanese delegate as ‘one of their own’. There are no expectations of ‘entertaining’ the delegate, though many families will visit Texas tourist destinations. Where there are county 4-H programs during the four-week home-stay, we encourage families to involve their Japanese delegate.

The Japanese delegation will arrive at DFW on July 21. Families will receive their delegate on July 22 and return them on August 17. This is the only time we are together as a group.

Host Families that live three or more hours from DFW can have their delegate flown to a closer airport, provided there is service from Southwest Airlines. The program will coordinate a direct flight from Dallas Love to the airport of choice. This can be for both July and August, or just one of the dates. 

Applications are due by April 30.  For further information, please click here.

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