Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Texas 4-H Horse Show Rules/Regulations

The 2017 Texas 4-H Horse Show Rules and Regulations and other information for the 2017 State 4-H Horse Show can also be found at this link: http://animalscience.tamu.edu/livestock-species/equine/state-4h-show/.  The significant rule changes for this year are:

·         * At District and State Shows, a horse may be ridden by only one 4-H’er per Class.  Separate age groups do NOT count as separate classes.  Example: a horse may be ridden in barrels by one 4-Her and Stakes by another 4-Her, provided that the 4-H’ers are siblings, the ownership requirements are met, and the horse has been properly validated as a 4-H project (see validation rules). Exception: Drill and precision riding.  Futurity horses may never be ridden by more than one person.
o   Previously horses could only be ridden by one 4-Her per division.  This has been changed to one 4-Her per class, so that families with limited horses and multiple siblings can more easily participate.    
·        *  Lower fence heights have been set for Juniors in the over fences classes. 
·        *  Juniors will have an extended time (45 seconds) to complete their run in the roping division. 

Texas 4-H is working to finalize the show schedule for this year and as soon as that process is complete, the schedule will be available on the website.  They will also be posting updates on their Facebook page “Texas 4-H Horse” https://www.facebook.com/texas4hhorse/.

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