Friday, August 5, 2016

One Day 4-H T-Shirts

The 2016 One Day 4-H event will officially take place on Saturday, October 8th.  Once again, the event is being sponsored state-wide by TransCanada.  Their sponsorship goes to help provide t-shirts for a minimum cost to the participants.  This year the t-shirts feature a new logo and can be purchased through the Texas A&M AgriLife Bookstore ( – in search box type “One Day”).  All shirts are $6.00 per shirt and shipping is free!   In order to have all the t-shirts in the hands of the 4-H members/adults/groups by Saturday, October 1st when some projects will be occurring we have set the deadline for t-shirt orders as September 9th.  This date allows for all orders to be processed, t-shirts printed and mailed.  Please help us in promoting the t-shirts and encouraging early ordering.

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