Friday, August 12, 2016

2017 Texas 4-H Food Show Theme

 This year’s theme is “Family Favorites”. 

The Texas 4-H Healthy Lifestyle Ambassadors, as well as the state food show committee, has assisted in selecting this theme.  We believe it will be one that is fun and educational.  The 4-H Food Show packet will be released September 1, and will contain resources to assist in teaching to the theme.  In addition, the rules and guidelines will be in this packet for all seniors participating at the state level.    

“Family Favorites” can be any dish that families enjoy made in a more healthy way.  The theme could also be used to teach the importance of family meal times.  Some 4-H members might consider their family heritage and focus on a dish that represents this.  Obviously, there are many ways to have fun and creative with this theme! 

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