Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Travis County Textile/Fashion Show Results

The Travis County 4-H 2016 Textile/Fashion Show was held last week.  Congratulations to our Blue Ribbon winners!  Good luck as you advance to the District contest.

Junior Division (Grades 3-5)
Fashion Show (Construction) - Category: Everyday Living                 Anna-Laura Whitaker
Fashion Show (Construction) - Category: Semi-formal to Formal       Lauren Walton

Textile Show - Category:  Kitchen Item                                                Claire Whitaker

Intermediate Division (Grades 6-8)
Fashion Show (Construction) - Category:  Semi-formal to Formal      Rachel Keese
Fashion Show (Buying) - Category:  Semi-formal to Formal               Korinne Stanley
Fashion Show (Buying) - Category:  Special Interest                           John Paul Whitaker

Senior Division (Grades 9-12)
Fashion Show (Buying) - Category:  Business/Interview Attire           Will Whitaker

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