Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 District 10 4-H Fashion Show and Duds to Dazzle

Don't forget that the Duds to Dazzle and Fashion Show components of the 2016 District 10 contests were moved.  The new location is:
Guadalupe County Extension Office
210 E. Live Oak
Seguin, TX 78155

There has also been a change in the schedule.  The new schedule is:

8:30              Registration
9:00              Duds to Dazzle Judges orientation
8:40-9:10     Check Duds to Dazzle kits
9:10              Duds 2 Dazzle Participant Orientation
9:30              Set-up Textile and Storyboard display
9:30              Duds to Dazzle begins
10:30            Duds to Dazzle ends
10:40            Duds to Dazzle judging
12 noon        Duds to Dazzle awards *** subject to change depending on tabulation time***
12:30            Fashion Show Registration – Judges/Contestants
1:00              Fashion Show Judges and Participant Orientation
1:30              Fashion Show Judging begins
3:00 pm        Fashion Show Awards (this includes announcement of Storyboard and Textiles
                     placings)      *** subject to change depending on tabulation time***

All other aspects of the District 10 4-H Round-Up will be held at the original location in Lockhart.

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