Thursday, August 6, 2015

D-10 Conference - August 22nd - Location Change

The 2015 District 10 4-H Conference will be held Saturday, August 22, 2015 at Comfort High School in Comfort, TX.  This conference will feature four (4) rotating sessions for youth and four(4) rotating sessions for adults. You will choose THREE of them! These sessions will offer various training on available contests, scholarship opportunities, public speaking methods, and much more.           
Conference will begin with a brief group session and then will break into rotating sessions. Once all sessions are complete, the District 10 4-H Council Meeting will be held.  Lunch is on your own before you show up!  There will be a registration fee of $20 per person when registering by August 11th on 4-H Connect. The following are the Sessions you can attend!  Remember, you can only attend three of the four:

Comfort High School - New Location
143 US Highway 87
Comfort, TX 78013

  • District 10 Conference – it is set for August 22nd in Comfort,
                                   11:30-Noon                Conference Registration (Please eat before your arrival)
Noon-12:10                Welcome
12:15-1:05pm             Rotating Session
1:10-1:55pm               Rotating Session
2:00-2:50pm               Rotating Session
3-4pm                         District Council Meeting
4pm                             Depart

The deadline to register is next Tuesday, August 11, 2015, please help us get the word out to your families so that they get registered on time.  – Please remember that everyone goes inactive in 4-H Connect on August 12th so your profile will not be active to register for anything until after re-enrolling for the new year.

Youth Rotating Sessions

Robotics & SET Projects
We will be constructing sumo bots for a mini robotics contest at District Conference this year!  
Dog and Companion Animals
The dog project is one of the fastest growing projects in Texas.  Find out what opportunities are available and meet some of our canine athletes!
Expanding your Sheep and Goat Projects
Derrick Drury, Medina Co. Ag Agent and Jessica Stapper, Sutton FCS Agent will show you how you can add a few new activities to your sheep and goat project… even clothing and textiles? Find out about Wool and mohair at this rotation!
Photography Workshop
 Bexar Co. 4-H Agent Natalie Cervantes will teach you about the photography project, including how to compose photographs, still life photos and more!
Adult Rotating Sessions

Managing Volunteers In Your Club/County
Dr. Charla Bading, FCS Agent in Guadalupe County will fill you in on how to find and manage volunteers in your county, what to say…what NOT to say, how to motivate and more!
How to Help Your 4-Hers with Scholarships
Caldwell FCS Agent Carissa Wilhelm will talk about scholarships from the adult side of things, how to help your 4-Her prepare their information for the process!
Texas 4-H Leadership Opportunities
Members of the District 10 Council will talk about major leadership opportunities in Texas 4-H including Council, state ambassadors, Tech team and more!
Getting an Ambassador group started in Your County
Matt Miranda, 4-H agent in Guadalupe County will talk about how to get an ambassador program started in your county, ideas for activities and more!

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