Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NO Bull Teen Video Competition

The largest campaign to combat cyberbullying in America’s history:  The Great American NO BULL Challenge, invites 4-H youth members ti be involved with the annual campaign that inspires America’s 25 million teens to stand up and create a video with an anti-bullying message. 

We appreciate what you do for the 4-H organization, and we want to encourage all your youth members to upload their NO BULL videos at www.nobullchallenge.org.  The earlier the better, as major media will be selecting videos and youth within the months of February and March to appear on their shows to talk about the Challenge.

Just in case your youth members have yet to create their video, we’ve provided all of the information they need to know about making a video, cyberbullying basics, standing up, prevention, and intervention tips via the online NO BULL Cyberbullying 411 toolkits.  The student toolkit was written by teens for teens - authored by the NO BULL Youth Advisory Council, a group of 9 student leaders from around the country who were chosen by our non-profit partners. 

Fifteen finalists will be selected by a panel of expert judges to attend the star-studded NO BULL Teen Video Awards show in San Francisco, promoted by Live Nation.  At the NO BULL Teen Video Awards, students will watch amazing artists perform live, and meet their favorite celebrities on the red carpet. The spotlight will shine on the student-made films pertaining to NO BULL, offer students the chance to win thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes, and have their video presented center stage for the world to witness.  

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