Monday, November 29, 2010

D-10 Volunteer Leaders Association on Facebook

District 10 VLAT Facebook Group Now Active!
The District 10 Volunteer Leaders Association has established a group on Facebook to provide an opportunity for volunteers to network, receive information, and more! This strategy is being done to strengthen the core of our volunteer base and make sure that we are on the cutting edge! To join the group, you must have a Facebook account! Once that is in place, do a search for this group: District 10 4-H Volunteer Connect. When the page comes up, click on the button "Join The Group." You will then receive updates on your wall when any new information is posted! Not only can you review information posted by others, but if you have a great idea, a wonderful resource or lesson, or 4-H activity you want to promote that would benefit others in District 10, you can post to the page! Let's get some dialogue going and work together "To Make The Best Better" in District 10!

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