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2018 State Fair of Texas Entries are posted! - Due Friday, August 17, by 4:00 PM

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 The entry forms for the 2018 State Fair of Texas have been posted to the Travis 4-H website (  The completed forms and payment (checks payable to "Travis 4-H") are due to the Extension office by Friday, August 17, no later than 4:00 PM so that we have the time to perform the required on-line data entry.  This includes both livestock exhibitors and contest participants.

Please note that:

  • Livestock Exhibitors will use their OLD Quality Counts Number from 2017-2018 for this entry
  • Contest Participants need to complete and submit the contest entry and the Team Designation Form
  • The schedule and linked items below are subject to change at the discretion of the show
  • There will be a $25 late fee charged for any entries submitted to the County Extension Office after August 17th at 4:00 PM.

More information is available directly on the State Fair of Texas website including the following:

Youth Market Show Judges:
Youth Market SteersDan HogeCambridge, IL
Youth Prospect SteersNick FitzsimmonsPerry, OK
Youth Market BarrowsBrian ArnoldOtterbein, IN
Youth Market LambsBrian ReillyShullsburg, WI
Youth Market GoatsBrandon MorganBlanchard, OK
Youth Market BroilersKeith ScottFloresville, TX

Youth Heifer Show Judges:
AngusScott WerningEmery, SD
ARBBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
BeefmasterBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
BrangusBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
BrahmanQuest NewberryCollege Station, TX
CharolaisScott WerningEmery, SD
ChianinaScott WerningEmery, SD
HerefordScott WerningEmery, SD
Maine AnjouScott WerningEmery, SD
LimousinScott WerningEmery, SD
ORBScott WerningEmery, SD
Polled HerefordScott WerningEmery, SD
Red AngusScott WerningEmery, SD
Junior Red Angus - Bred & Owned/ShowmanshipChance FarmerEnnis, TX
Red BrangusBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
Santa GertrudisBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
ShorthornScott WerningEmery, SD
SimbrahBrady RaglandCibolo, TX
SimmentalBrady RaglandCibolo, TX

If you have any questions, please contact us at the Extension office by phone (512.854.9600) or via email.

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