Monday, October 2, 2017

2018 Texas 4-H Round-Up Guide

The new 2018 Texas 4-H Round-Up Guide has been posted to the website and can be accessed by clicking here.  Be sure to scroll down to "State Events".

Please note:  the schedule of events is TENTATIVE (The state office will release the registration information for Roundup by April 3, 2018.) . This has been shared for the purpose of letting 4-H members know which contests are held each day since they are only able to compete in one per day.  A more detailed schedule will be released with the registration packet in the spring.

Other contest resources will be posted to this week. 

There are a few changes that we wanted to make you aware of for the 2017-2018 4-H year. We have highlighted the changes in the guide. 

  • Entomology Identification and Soil Judging will be Invitational Contest
  • 4-H Has Talent has been discontinue
  • Robotics Challenge contest format has changed.  Official rules will be posted soon.
  • Additional national contest opportunities have been added for Poultry Judging, Horse Judging, Range Evaluation and Soil Judging. We are evaluating some additional opportunities for other contest areas and will announce those once confirmed.
  • Discover Scientific Method Research Poster will be an individual or team of 2 this year, instead of team of 3.

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