Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 County 4-H Food Show

2016 4-H Food Show participants with their dishes.
Cecilia Cowan                              1st Place - Dairy

Claire Whitaker                           1st Place - Grains
Ava Smith                                     2nd Place - Grains
Rachel Seguit                              1st Place - Dairy
Elle Smith                                     2nd Place - Dairy
Olivia Higgins                              1st Place - Fruits & Vegetables
Delia Krushefski                           2nd Place - Fruits & Vegetables
Noah Higgins                                1st Place - Protein
Meme Miri                                    2nd Place - Protein

Elle Brannam                                      1st Place - Grains
Anna-Laura Whitaker                         2nd Place - Grains
Rachel Keese                                      1st Place - Dairy
Erin Pish                                             1st Place - Fruits & Vegetables
John Paul Whitaker                            2nd Place - Fruits & Vegetables
Korine Stanley                                    1st Place - Protein
Carolyn Krushefski                             2nd Place - Protein

Will Whitaker                                      1st Place - Dairy
Amelia Tapia                                       1st Place - Fruits & Vegetables
Cynthia Bashara                                  1st Place - Protein

Congratulations to all who participated!

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