Friday, May 13, 2016

Invitational 4-H Hippology Contest

The hippology contest is a fun way to learn about horses, without requiring a child to learn about horses.  The contest will include:  
·         Two Judging Classes (50 points per class = 100 points) – youth will evaluate the confirmation of 2 halter classes and place (rank) the four animals in each class
·          Slide Show Test (picture test) (Seniors 50 Questions—100 points; Juniors 25 questions—50 points) - ID what you see! View picture on slide show and select answer from multiple choice options.
·          Multiple Choice Written Test (Seniors 50 questions - 100 points; Juniors 25 questions - 50 points) – Read and answer multiple choice questions.
·          I.D. Stations (10 stations = 100 points) - youth will visit 10 stations to identify or answer questions presented to them. Each station is numbered and represents a particular subject. (Example but not limited to: #1 - Parts of the Horse, #2 - Breeds of Horses, #3 - Leg and Face Markings, #4 - Styles of Riding, #5 - Nutrition, etc.) Each station will have 5 items related to that subject to identify or answer using multiple choice.
·          Team Problem (25 points) - the team will work together to solve a “problem”. Team will be given a scenario/situation and will have 10 minutes to develop a plan and team presentation to address the problem. Teams will have 5 minutes to deliver oral presentation to a panel of judges. 

Late registration is currently going on in 4-H Connect and will end May 18.  

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