Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 Texas 4-H Congress

Texas 4-H Congress is a four-day mock legislative experience for 4-H members who will be in 9th through 12th grade for the 2016-2017 school year, also eligible to attend are 4-H youth who graduated high school in the spring of 2016. During this time, 4-H members assume the roles of senators, representatives, lobbyists, press corps, and special interest groups to gain a first-hand understanding of how the legislative process works. Bills that are written and sponsored by 4-H members focus on issues concerning Texas and Texas youth. These bills are assigned to the appropriate committee, debated in committee meetings, and then on the floor of the House or Senate. If a bill is successful in negotiation and the legislative debate in all three stages, it is delivered to the Governor of Texas 4-H Congress for his or her signature or veto. Copies of all the bills that are signed into law during Texas 4-H Congress are provided to the Office of the Governor for review.
Texas 4-H Congress is a premiere leadership program that is co-planned and co-implemented by the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Office and the Texas 4-H Council. The Texas 4-H Council, which consists of elected delegates from each district within the state, assume many of the leadership responsibilities. 

For any Travis County youth interested in participating in Texas 4-H Congress, please read the information below and make sure you fully understand the process by which youth will be selected to attend.
Congress is a unique opportunity that comes with unique requirements to be eligible to participate. Travis County is guaranteed two (2) slots for youth to serve as a House of Representative Member or a Senate member. Youth do not apply for either of these two positions; they apply for the process of being selected to attend the event. House and Senate responsibilities are assigned later by the State 4-H office to the youth selected to attend from each county. Each youth who is accepted to attend Congress must submit a bill. For youth to be considered for the two Travis County 4-H Slots, they must complete the application and submit to John by April 8th. The applications will be judged and all applicants will be ranked. If not all slots are filled statewide, there is a possibility for others applicants to move up, but this is not a guarantee and is determined at the district level. This is why all applicants will be ranked based on their submitted application.
  • Lobbyist – This option is designed for youth who have attended the previous Congress event (Summer 2014) and have met the grade requirement and must submit their online application in 4-H Connect by March 31st.
  • Press Corp Member – This option is open to youth wanting to attend Congress and meet the grade requirement. Any youth wanting to attend should submit this application to better your chances in being accepted to attend Congress. Youth must also complete the Travis County 4-H Application in the event you are not selected as a Press Corp member. Must apply online on 4-H Connect by March 31st.
New Addition for this year:
All 4-H youth have an opportunity to submit a bill so that any youth who chooses will have the opportunity to participate in this event. Bill submissions are due May 27th.

For more  information and forms, click here and scroll to State Events.

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