Friday, December 26, 2014

Discover Science Method - Poster Contest - Opportunity at Texas 4-H Roundup

The Discover Science Method – Poster Contest Guidelines are now available. The guidelines are attached and will also be posted at

The changes made for the 2014-15 year are summarized below.
·        In an effort to increase participation in this contest, we have decided to align our contest rules to those of FFA, State Fair of Texas and San Antonio Livestock Exposition. This will make it easier for our youth to be able to use the same science project at multiple contests.
·        New Categories: (Descriptions are included in the attachments) (Pgs. 2-3)
o   Biochemistry/Microbiology/Food Science
o   Environmental Science/Chemistry/Earth Science
o   Animal Sciences
o   Plant and Soil Science
o   Engineering/Physics
o   Consumer Product Testing
·        New Scorecard
o   The same scorecard will now be used for all age divisions.
o   Scorecard does have scores based on the notebook, display, and interview
o   Attached in a separate document
·        Contest Overview/Layout (Pg. 3)
o   5-10 minute presentation
o   10-12 minutes question session with the judges
o   An individual can participate or be on a team up to six (6) members
·        Research Notebook (Pg. 5)
o   Will be a factor on the scorecard
o   A guideline for what to include in the notebook is included in the attachment
·        Poster Guidelines (Pg.4)
o   These have changed, please make of the new size requirements.
o   Poster dimensions: No larger than 48’’ wide by 30” deep (the distance from front to back) 108” high (from floor to top, includes table if project is on table top), unfolded. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disqualification. Please note that the tables vary per convention location are generally 24” wide.
o   Posters must stand upright on a table or the ground once unfolded.
o   The poster should include an abstract, introduction, background, methodology, results and/or conclusions.
o   Items not adhered to poster must fit on the tabletop within the dimension of the unfolded poster.  Nothing may be hung from the top of the poster (lights, banner, shelf, etc.) that will be outside of the above mentioned poster dimensions.

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