Sunday, August 24, 2014

4-H in the City Film Festival

4-H in the City Film Festival is a short film competition that challenges 4-H youth to create an engaging, entertaining and informative film that is at least fifteen seconds and no longer than two minutes in length.  

The purpose of the short film is to promote 4-H, various projects to youth living in large cities where participating in the more traditional 4-H projects (livestock & farming) may not be practical.  The short film project is similar to the photography contest; a 4-H member or team would create the short film and forward it just as they would their photographs. 

The short film would be placed in the appropriate 4-H project category and judged against other short films in that category.  First, Second, and Third Place films for each 4-H project area will be recognized and débuted on the Texas 4-H website. 

The best overall first, second, and third place films will receive prizes from the sponsor(s) of 4-H in The City Film Festival and showcased at State Roundup just as award winning photographs are. 

The deadline for a short film entry is November 10, 2014.

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