Saturday, July 12, 2014

Host Families Needed

Don't miss this great opportunity to host a youth from Japan and let them see Texas hospitality at its finest. You are not required to do anything out of the ordinary, just consider this guest as 'one of the family' and allow them to participate in daily family happenings. Most of the Japanese delegation are fluent in the English language.   

Host dates are July 26 through August 22, 2014   

The following delegates are still looking for a Texas host family.  
  • Hana, female age 12 - she likes basketball, chocolate ice cream, camping, cooking and math; she is talkative and values kindness.      
  • Yoshinaga, male age 13 - he likes drawing and to do papercrafts, enjoys karate and piano and other music, he is allergic to cats and dogs and values a sense of humor.     
  • Akito, male age 12 - he likes tennis, soccer, baseball, swimming and basketball; he would like to ride a horse or care for animals, even work on a farm. He has an allergy to dogs and cats.      
  • Rinko, female age 12 - she likes animals, reading, musical theatre, music and cooking; horseback riding, camping and sports are other favorites.      
  • Kagaho, female age 13 - likes being outdoors but also enjoys shopping, cooking, singing and music in general.      
  • Ayaka, female age 12 - likes piano, swimming, photography, amusement parks; would like to ride a horse or work on a farm.      
  • Sayaka, female age 12 - likes baskbetball, music, running, horseback riding, cooking and staying busy.     
  • Hiyori, female age 12 - likes dogs, animals, hip hop dancing, cooking and wants to be busy. Would like to ride a horse or work on a farm.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Darlene Locke at 325.784.5482 or email for more information. Also, please share with other families in your community that might have interest in this global education program.

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