Sunday, April 13, 2014

4-H Dog Show Updates and Registration

In addition to the Texas 4-H Dog Show registration available to certified dogs, there is also a 2014 Auxiliary Texas Dog Show registration system.  This is available to those who want to enter the photography contest, project leaders who want to order t-shirts and sign up to help and for 4-H members who want to enter the new Foster/Family Dog program.  They will enter these by going through the 2014 Auxiliary Texas Dog Show Registration in 4-H Connect.
Since the Foster/Family Dog Competition is new, the rules are included in this e-mail.  In addition to fostering a dog, if you have recently adopted a dog or discovered 4-H this is an opportunity to get some show experience.

New: Foster/Family Dog Competition Rules
Dogs with home environment experience that are well mannered are more adoptable. Some families may not be able to make a long term commitment to dog ownership. In an effort to promote and encourage 4-H members to participate in this service learning project, the Foster/Family Dog program was developed. Patterned after other states programs, it offers the opportunity to showcase some of the community service projects 4-H members have been doing allowing more members to participate.
1.  Subject to the Texas 4-H Dog Show Rules EXCEPT ownership/certification guidelines.
2.  Handler and dog team is only eligible for the Foster/Family Dog program for one year. A dog that has been previously certified is not eligible for the Foster/Family Dog program.
3.  Classes open to Foster/Family Dog include score sheet classes Costume, Tricks, Obedience, Rally and Canine Good Citizenship.
4.  Foster/Family dogs will be awarded on the Danish System of Blue, Red and White ribbons.
5.  An exhibitor that has previously shown at the Texas 4-H Dog Show may participate in the Foster/Family Dog Competition with a foster dog. However, they must show in Obedience and Rally classes befitting the dog/ handler team’s experience. No lower than Obedience Pre-Novice B or Rally Novice B.
For details of Costume, Tricks, Obedience and Rally, refer to those events in rulebook. More information here: 

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