Friday, June 28, 2013

Dog Project Advisory Board

Texas 4‑H continues to offer a wide range of successful projects for children to learn positive life skills through.  One project that has been available for many years, but needs a review for potential expansion is the 4‑H dog project.  The 4‑H dog project could be one of the largest projects that Texas 4‑H offers.  Kids love dogs, and whether they live in rural Texas or in the middle of urban Texas ‑ there is opportunity for children to be involved in 4‑H with their pet!

Three years ago we established at Texas 4-H Dog Project Advisory Board to work towards expanding the 4-H Dog Project.  Volunteer Leaders, 4-H Members and County Extension Agents are working together to provide support to both the growth of the project and improvement of the Texas 4-H Dog Show.  Efforts to support the 4-H Dog Project at the county level include:

            -     Ensure relevancy of the 4-H Dog Project by giving youth and volunteers the opportunity to provide vision for the future of the project including project materials, activities, SET ability terminology and recommending program direction, special activities, new materials and competitive events
            -     coordinate events that will provide learning opportunities for the development of leadership and effective citizenship related to the dog project.
            -     Provide educational experiences that will enable 4-H members from across the state to become knowledgeable and skilled in dog project subject matter.

Please relay the opportunity to apply for the Texas 4‑H Dog Advisory Board to youth and adults that you feel would be interested.  Furthermore, County Extension Agents are encouraged to submit applications as well.  The enclosed application must be postmarked, faxed, or e‑mailed by July 15, 2013. Click here to obtain the application

Although we need youth and adults who have a strong background in the project, we also need those who have not been involved, but have interest.  These participants often contribute a unique perspective about what appeals to children who have not historically been involved.

Although most meetings are conducted utilizing technology, plans are being made to host a “town hall” style meeting this Fall.  Additional information will be available as plans are finalized.

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