Thursday, September 8, 2011

Horses Available - Possible 4-H Projects

Like all Texans, we are drought stricken and have a situation that I thought could possibly give a chance to several young horses and help out 4-H kids in their horse project. We have about 50 young horse ranging in age from yearlings to 5 yr. old. They are registered foundation quarter horses. My son was in Tarrant and Parker 4-H in his younger years and would like to offer back something of value to help keep kids interested in animals. He has worked 15 years developing this line of horses and except for the dried up water tanks and no hay, these horses would not be leaving our place. I thought possibly you could get the word out to all 4-H, even in other states if possible, that these horses need homes and we are willing in this devastating horse economy to let these animals go at very low cost. You can check out their quality on our website: It is not updated with all their photos but if you check out the "life on the ranch" you can see the quality mares and babies we raise.  There are grays, bays, roans, palomino, buckskin, sorrel and duns. All of the horses being offered were born and raised on our ranch in Bryson, TX. These are healthy, well developed animals just waiting to get a good home. If they call Kevin @940-351-6025 or 940-664-2020 be sure and say they are from 4-H looking for prospect to get the very best deal.

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