Monday, August 8, 2011

Stripes Mobile Campaign

The Texas 4-H Foundation is pleased to announce the continuation of our 4-H alliance with Stripes® Convenience Stores. “Helping Today’s Kids Become Tomorrow’s Leaders will begin September 5 through October 2, 2011. Last year's campaign raised over $66,000 between Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico store locations.  $39,540 went direct to the counties where the stores were located (funds were based on the mobiles sold at the locations) and was designated for local 4-H support.  The campaign will again include the Wichita Falls, San Angelo, Midland/Odessa, Lubbock, Victoria, and Houston market areas but this year will add in the Uvalde, Del Rio and Eagle Pass areas as well.   A complete list of the store locations in these market areas will be added to our website by mid-August
Mobile Campaigns are important to Stripes, because of their ability to create a direct company partnership with customers to raise funds for deserving causes. Stripes® focuses its charitable efforts exclusively on programs designed to enhance the health and education of youth residing in the communities served by the Company. What better fit than the Texas 4-H Youth and Development Program for their efforts.
Stop in at a Stripes® store and be sure and participate in the Mobile Clover Campaign. Proceeds from the mobiles sold will be donated to the local county 4-H program. 

Although our area does not have a Stripes, if you are passing through one of the others listed above, please stop in to support that local 4-H program.

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