Monday, November 8, 2021

TCYS Quality Counts VS. Character Counts


Quality Counts and Character Counts Information


Quality Counts: If you plan to exhibit a livestock project at the Travis County Youth Show, or a livestock project at any of the major shows (Fort Worth, San Angelo, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, etc.), all youth are required to complete Quality Counts.

Quality Counts will need to be completed at three different times during an exhibitor’s livestock involvement: Junior level (3rd – 5th grade), Intermediate level (6th – 8th grade), and Senior level (9th – 12th grade). All exhibitors must have an active Quality Counts number in the correct age division, or they will be disqualified. It is very important that during registration, you put BOTH your 4-H and FFA information, regardless of which you think you will show through so that all needed parties have access to your Quality Counts information. Enrollment instructions and FAQ’s will be distributed as well, and I highly encourage you to check with me that your Quality Counts information is accurate and correct.

Each exhibitor must make 80% or higher to pass the test and receive your ID number. You may take the test as many times as necessary.

-          Website with information:

-          Quality Counts Enrollment Information and Steps:

-          Quality Counts FAQ’s:



Character Counts: If you only exhibit Youth Fair projects at TCYS (no livestock), all exhibitors are required to complete the Character Counts (Six Pillars of Character) exam, through the County level. At this time, not all records from past years are available, therefore everyone will need to take or re-take the exam. Each exhibitor will need to make a 90% or higher to pass. After you have submitted your test, you can view your results immediately to determine if you need to re-take. You will also receive an email if a re-take is necessary within a few days.

-          Website containing all content:

-          Link to the Google Form Exam:


All of the following exams need to be completed by 11:59 on December 1, 2021. Any exhibitors that have not completed and passed their needed exam, will be disqualified from participating in TCYS.

* Please note that if you entered any major livestock show, you already had to have your Quality Counts information to me by time of entry. *

Please also know that we have a LOT of 4-H names on our roster that do NOT have an up-to-date Quality Counts Number.... some never completed or passed the test, and others never re-took the exam when they moved up into the next age division. Please don't hesitate to verify information with me!


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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