Friday, March 19, 2021

CEP State 4-H Photography Contest: Update

We are excited to announce that this year we will be holding our first ever CEP 4-H Photography Contest!  This contest will be open to all 4-H members in the junior and intermediate age groups.  Seniors are unable to enter, since there is already a state photography contest for seniors.  However, seniors who are interested in judging can contact me to act as judges for photos from 4-H'ers who do not reside in their counties.  Please see the flyer and the letter outlining the rules and categories below.  Please note that some of the categories vary a little from those used in the other 4-H Photography Contests.  Please email your photos to me at

UPDATE:  I am happy to announce that HEB has graciously decided to contribute to our contest.  They have provided $20 gift cards to be given out to each Best in Show winner in the contest.  I have updated the letter to reflect this.  Thank you to HEB for their generous support.

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