Friday, December 11, 2020

Texas 4-H Hour of Code

Come join Texas 4-H's Hour of Code event!  Our goal is to introduce 4-H members (and leaders too) to computer science through fun and engaging programming activities.  No prior programming experience is required.  This is intended for complete beginners of all ages.

Participants will need access to a computer (with speakers) and internet for the Zoom meeting and for the online lesson.  The lesson will be self-selected and self-guided, depending upon the interest and grade level of the participant.  For younger members, it is advised that a parent be present to assist, guide, and learn together.

For those with limited internet access, there are activities that can be downloaded and conducted offline.

To sign up for the Texas 4-H Hour of Code, go to  Registrants will be provided a link to the Zoom meeting during this registration process.  At 6 PM on December 17, we will begin with an overview of computer science and programming.  That will last no more than 1 hour.  Youth will then be directed to a site to select a self-guided themed lesson of their choosing, and at the end of their lesson they will be able to share their program with others.  Mentoring and troubleshooting support will be provided by STEM Ambassadors for an hour after the conclusion of the overview.

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