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From Derrick Bruton, Extension 4-H Specialist:

JUNIOR MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER (brochure and social media image attached)
The Texas 4-H Junior Master Photographer (JMP) program provides advanced instruction to photography enthusiasts.  As a Junior Master Photographer, youth will be expected to return to their counties and districts to serve as teen leaders for the project. Additionally, Junior Master Photographers may be called upon by the County Extension Agent or 4-H Specialist to serve as photographers for various 4-H events and activities.  Only dedicated photography project youth wishing to expand their knowledge as well as service to others should apply for this opportunity.  In other words, youth do need to have a good working knowledge of their camera prior to attending this advanced training.

To be a certified Junior Master Photographer, candidates must:
·      Be in 7th – 12th grade
·      Attend BOTH Workshop I and Workshop II
·      Complete a competency test with a minimum score of 80%
·      Submit four photos taken by applicant demonstrating understanding of instruction
·      Participate in at least one practice event
·      Complete a photography community service
·      Take part in at least two organized project experiences

Although there is no yearly performance requirement, Junior Master Photographers are expected to return to counties and districts to help expand their photography programs. They receive the Junior Master Photographer pin and certificate. Certified JMPs in 9th grade are eligible to apply to the State 4-H Photography Ambassador Program.

The JMP training consists of two one-day workshops.  Below are the details for both:

When: Sunday, Sep 29, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (note:  it is on a Sunday due to facility and presenter availability)
Where: Precision Camera Studios, Austin
Who: 4-Hers ages 12 and up. Limited space may be available for adult project leaders and County Extension Agents.  Please contact Elizabeth or Derrick to inquire. 
What: Focus of Workshop: Camera Basics & Lighting.  Must bring a DSLR camera.
Cost: $30.00 to recoup mandatory 4-H Connect registration costs and educational materials. 
Registration: Will be on 4-H Connect August 16 through September 16. Space is limited to the first 50 participants.
Contact: Elizabeth for more information-254.718.1332,

When: Saturday, December 7, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Where: 4-H Center, Dallas TX
Who: 4-Hers ages 12 & up who have access to a DSLR camera. MUST HAVE ATTENDED WORKSHOP I.
What: Workshop Focus: Color & Composition.  Must bring a DSLR camera.
Cost: $30 fee to recoup mandatory 4-H Connect Registration costs and materials.
Registration: Will be on 4-H Connect October 25 through November 25. 
Contact: Elizabeth for more information-254.718.1332,

The Texas 4-H Photography Ambassador Program provides opportunities to grow in the photography project through community service, workshops, training sessions, field trips, and leadership/ citizenship activities.  Photography Ambassadors serve in photography corps at state-level events, taking official event photographs. They can expect to be called upon to photograph club, county and district events as well.  Having fun in an important part of learning, so Photography Ambassadors are encouraged to participate in hands-on events. They are expected to engage others, helping to promote learning and fun in the photography project.

1. Must be a Texas 4-H Junior Master Photographer in good standing.  In other words, JMP is the training ground to become an ambassador.
2. Must be an active Texas 4-H member in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.
3. Ambassadors are selected through an application process which must be completed online by the spring deadline (end of April).
4. Be willing to commit at least 40 hours to the Photography Program each year.
5. Be committed to complete Photography Ambassador requirements; Submit an Ambassador worksheet documenting completion of requirements—due annually by the end of April.
6. Be willing to attend Ambassador meetings via conference call. Attendance at one face-to-face planning meeting held annually at Texas 4-H Roundup is strongly encouraged.

Where:  Washington, D.C.
When: February 26 – March 1, 2020
Who: 4-Hers, 9-12 grade
What: Learn technical skills, hands-on activities, workshops, and engage with nationally-recognized leaders. 4-Hers will also enjoy guided day and night time photography tours.
Where: National 4-H Conference Center
Why: Learn and have fun! Meet 4-H photographers from across the country.
Cost: $725 - $875 (Varies with room selection)

Below is a link to a “live” Google document that lists a variety of planned photography opportunities.  This document link will later be posted on the state photography web page and updated as new opportunities arise.  Some activities listed are open to all 4-H members, and some are limited to just JMP or Ambassadors.  In most cases, please contact the coordinator prior to attending. 

Practices are events where youth can volunteer their services and put their knowledge and skills into action as a photographer.  Practices include such activities as the state Horse, Dog, and Rabbit shows as well as Shooting Sports Games.  At those events in particular, youth must contact the coordinator to determine if there is a need for a photographer and receive permission, instructions, and details about the event. 

If you have an event that is open to others that you would like to add to the calendar, please email details (outlining the same headings) to Derrick Bruton at

A set of newly revised photography guides is now available at Shop 4-H.  Click here, to view the set.  You can order all three together or each one individually.

Educational links and tools are posted on the photography page of the Texas 4-H website. 

The rules and category list for the 2019-2020 contest is currently under revision and will be distributed in a separate email and posted online later in August.

The date is August 19 and the goal is to simply share a single photo that shares your world with the rest of the world.  Pick out one of your favorites to share on your social media platform and use #WorldPhotoDay and #Texas4H.

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